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Fundamental principles

Fundamental principles

Higher education in Croatia is organized in accordance with the Bologna declaration, signed by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education in 2001. Since its establishment in 2006, the College for Information Technologies (VSITE) provides a Bologna study programme including study organization and ECTS scoring. The study programme is the main document that contains all aspects of study performance, including ECTS scoring for individual courses. As suggested by the Ministry, one ECTS point is equivalent to 30 (thirty) hours of student work: direct contact teaching, individual learning, individual consultations, seminar and homework writing and other learning activities. Typical course comprises 30 hours of lectures and 30 hours of exercises, and scores 5 ECTS points. This is elaborated to 30 hours lectures = 1 ECTS, 30 hours exercises = 1 ECTS and 90 hours individual learning, paper writing and consultations = 3 ECTS, total 5 ECTS points.

Students from abroad are entitled to attend all course activities together with domestic students.

On the VSITE website all courses' content and ECTS elaboration are described in detail.


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