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VSITE has established a number of mechanisms to live up to its mission and vision. Thus, the Action Program for the implementation of the VSITE Development Strategy for the period 2017-2021. established tasks, performance indicators, responsible persons and implementation deadline, in accordance with the Quality Management System Regulations, Quality Assurance Manual and other VSITE general acts.

Regular monitoring of the Action Program assesses the degree of achievement of strategic goals, determines measures for improving quality and their realization.

VSITE documents elaborate detailed plans that define specific tasks regarding quality, information security, lifelong learning, publishing textbooks, mobility, international cooperation, scientific research and professional work, cooperation with the economy, development of the SCAD information system, development e-learning system, marketing, public action and investments.

By accomplishing these tasks, VSITE's quality management system enters the highest development phase in which all the requirements of the ESG standard have been fully implemented according to the AZVO Criteria for evaluating the quality of polytechnics and colleges.


VSITE's strategic goals are in line with its mission and vision:
  • improvement of the integrated quality management system that meets the criteria of excellence and ensures the continuity of work and business of the higher education institution with the support of modern information technologies.
  • improvement of study programs so that VSITE remains an incubator of bachelor's degrees and specialist engineers of information technologies needed by the sector and necessary for the digitization of the economy and society
  • affirmation of the Innovation and Development Center as the bearer of VSITE's cooperation with the economy and affirmation of VSITE as an unavoidable factor in the development of the ICT sector in Croatia
  • internationalization of VSITE through mobility and international cooperation
  • investment in the equipment and space necessary for the training of experts in the application of new information technologies
  • development of the SCAD (School Administration) web application into an e-administration system that is successfully used by all members of the VSITE community
  • establishment of e-learning system
  • rational disposal of funds

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