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Living in Zagreb

Living in Zagreb

For official tourist information please visit the official web page of the Zagreb Tourist Board: Zagreb Tourist Board


International students will have to organize their own accommodation. The best way to do this is search for offers on the following real-estate and advertisement portals:,

       Centar nekretnina,

       gohome,,, .

Before finding an apartment, maybe you will need to spend some time in a HOSTEL.

Local transportation

Public Transportation

There are three ways of public transportation - trams, buses and city railway. Trams and buses operate all day (every few minutes) and night (every hour). The best option for using buses and trams is the ZET Value Card. This card works via a top-up system, as soon as you add money to you card it is ready for use, a minimum amount of 10kn is needed to activate the card and the maximum amount peaks at 1000kn. The ZET value card can be used across all zones and lines and as an added bonus, it is transferable to other users. It can be purchased at all ZET shops and partner kiosks (Tisak).


You can find them in front of all major hotels, the train and bus stations and at numerous other central locations, or you can call:

RADIO TAXI ZAGREB: 1777 or 060 800 800

TAXI CAMMEO ZAGREB: 1212 or 060-7100

EKOTAXI: 14140 or 060 77 77


Erasmus exchange students have the right to an ISAK student card with which they will obtain the right to two meals a day (according to Pravilnik o uvjetima i načinu ostvarivanja prava na pokriće troškova prehrane studenata NN 120/13, 8/14).

Free Time

For information about spending your free time and enjoying some leisure activities, please visit: Zagreb in your pocket


Ulica Vjekoslava Klaića 7, 10000 Zagreb, tel. 01/3764200 fax. 01/3764264